1. So proud to hear @messesky are on The Fest this year, lucky to call these guys friends and House Fire blood.

  2. UO opened in Lexington today, which is cool I am sure I will stop in there from time to time, but I just wanted to remind people Lexington has a great boutique in town. @oneness287 , A lot of people get so wrapped up in fashion they start to look like Halloween costumes of their selves and I can honestly say that’s not how the Oneness dudes run their shop, all honest good people that truly care for what they do and have been very kind to HSFR. Locals support Local and Real will support Real.

  3. Another one. Caper West on the left, learned a lot from him that day. Anyone seen him lately?

  4. Throwback Thursday 6ft Tooth circa 2010

  5. My team is all tigers blood

  6. Same old tricks

  7. Dark Wolf The Dragon Master, official wizard of @prhbtn this Friday

  8. Photo cred to @jesbodi after @el_herring set in Pittsburgh Friday night ,mobbed up outside a men’s bath house turned night time hip dance spot. @viahq @grrn_ @sjust476

  9. See ya at Busters Friday.

  10. spent the weekend at Via Fest with these 2. @el_herring @grrn_ I have a thousand stories but all I can say to them is thank you. No better feeling than seeing your friends do something amazing and @el_herring set was nothing short of. @grrn_ pushes House Fire to new heights and ideas constantly and is my brother for life. - Dragon Master